iPhone photo portfolio

My Name is Chris and I ditched my DSLR back in 2012 in favor of an iPhone to photograph, edit, manage and share my travel photos on the go. On this site you'll find a curated selection of photos I've shot on iPhone since 2012. Click any of the tiles below to jump to the corresponding iPhone photo gallery.

iPhone Photo Portfolio
A carefully curated and continuously updated iPhone photo gallery of my favorite travel photos. All photos shot on iPhone since 2012.
iPhone Night Photography
Night Photography with iPhone was difficult. The emphasis here is "was".
Lost Places
The beauty of decay has fascinated me since I coincidentally discovered a Lost Place in 2011. Enjoy my curated portfolio of 42 photos of lost places #shotoniphone.
Beelitz Heilst├Ątten
42 Photos curated from multiple visits to the abandoned Beelitz Heilst├Ątten. All #shotoniphone
Travel Photos Europe
Here's an iPhone photo gallery of 42 photos I took in various European countries. All photos in this gallery were shot on iPhone.
Travel Photos USA
Though I travel mainly in Europe, I love to visit the U.S. every now and then. Here are 42 photos from the east- and westcoast.
Pre iPhone Photography
A mixed bag of photos I shot before I turned to iPhone photography taken with various camera models.
My iPhone Photography History
On this page, I'll walk you through my personal iPhone photography history from the most current iPhone model back to the iPhone 5, when I turned to iPhone only Photography in 2012.
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